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All Metal Lure Spinning Reel Fishing Wheel

All Metal Lure Spinning Reel Fishing Wheel

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Product information:
Specifications: Mini HB500,HB1000,HB2000,HB3000,HB4000,HB5000,HB6000,NB7000, mini HC500 (upgraded version),HC1000 (upgraded version),HC2000 (upgraded version),HC3000 (upgraded version), HC4000 (upgraded version), HC5000 (upgraded version), HC6000 (upgraded version), and NC7000 (upgraded version)
Category: Fishing reel
Product features: Arc wheel seat, no shaking; Bold throw line ring, small resistance, no shaking; Alloy wire Cup, hard pull gentle to the line.
Spool chamfering, smooth outgoing cast farther; Chrome plated cable wheel, high hardness and high polishing, gentle to the line; All metal made.

Packing list:
Fishing vessel * 1

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