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Bamboo sisal kitchen cleaning brush

Bamboo sisal kitchen cleaning brush

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Material: wood
Packaging: Bulk

Specifications: 9.5*6.5cm

*1. Sturdy handle: The natural texture of the brush fits your palm and is comfortable to hold.
*2. Soft sisal hair: The scrubbing brush has soft scrubbing properties, does not hurt the fruit tray and vegetable tray, does not contain plastic, and can be planted and biodegradable. It is an excellent alternative to plastic brushes/sponges.
*3. Effective cleaning: The brush provides a gentle and effective solution for daily cleaning, suitable for any surface. It can be used with cast iron or stainless steel cookware to safely clean fruits and vegetables without peeling or damaging nutrient-rich skin.
*4. Multiple uses: scrub fruits and vegetables with a brush, wash dishes, remove oil and stains, and also scrub pots, kitchen countertops, sinks, etc.
*5. Easy to maintain: Remove excess water brush after cleaning, and dry completely at room temperature, then hang it on the hook or store it flat.

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