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Car Table Car Back Seat Lifting Table Laptop Stand, Car Learning Desk

Car Table Car Back Seat Lifting Table Laptop Stand, Car Learning Desk

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You are still because of the wrong posture
And is the neck tired and sore?
Prolonged office work leads to fatigue and soreness of the cervical spine
Ergonomic design improves the viewing angle and sitting posture, making the office more comfortable and healthy


1. This laptop stand can be adjusted from 150mm to 235mm.
2. This laptop stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong, stable and will not shake
3. There are many non-slip soft silicone on the laptop stand to ensure the stability of your laptop on the stand to prevent scratches and protect the laptop.
4. The pole on the base can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to rotate the laptop to the angle you want.
5. There are 4 large hollow holes at the bottom of the supporting plate of the rotating notebook stand, and the ventilation structure allows more space for heat dissipation.
6. The laptop stand is suitable for all tablets and most laptops under 18 inches

Product information:

Material: Aluminum alloy + non-slip silicone

Color: silver, space gray

Applicable products: notebook computers, desktop computers

Packing list:

1*base, 1*support plate, 4*screws, 1*corner wrench

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